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BSM Systm

​Building Service & Maintenance System

Myliving.mylife BSM System is designed to provide solutions for the communities and property management companies to manage their condominiums, properties, buildings and its associations with the most efficient manner. With its comprehensive build-in features, the system makes everything simple and easy, thus to save time and money for the organization.

Accounting Backbone

  • Our BSM system is built on our Accounting System backbone, thus our system able to post each bill to Account Journal instantly while bills are being generated

  •  Users able to view Financial Reports and Ledger related to accounts of bills posted from Auto Billing module.

  • Full suite accounting

Auto Generate Billing

  • Flexible setup of charges to impose while do auto billing

  • Auto generate billing transaction report which included details of debtor invoice, debtor aging, and etc

Multi Price Level Meter Reading billing

  • User may setup different unit level having different price rate for each unit

  • System allows user to keep track last charge unit and derive current usage and calculate fees by price rate setup by user

Late Charges

  • The late charges module will show the calculation while generate the late charges bill. It will also present in the invoice to show the details to residents.

Email Automation

  • To send statements or invoices via email in bulk to ease the routine procedure every month


Myliving.mylife Platform

myliving.mylife platform, is a Community Lifestyle platform. We build this platform because “We Believe Everyone Deserves a Better Lifestyle”. To improve one’s lifestyle, we start from where one lives.

A Community Lifestyle platform is “Resident-centric” platform, which is built to serve residents of a community in terms of supplying their day-to-day needs to their living place. We aim to build communities that are harmonious, positive, secure, and smart.  This platform covers segments in, but not limits to, Property Management, Smart IoT & Automation, Lifestyle and Community.  


Find out more in:

Property Management

We have been providing IT solutions to Property Management industry.  We have never stopped improving our solution to help rising the performance of this industry. With our expertise of designing and providing automation solutions, we extend our system’s features into Industry 4.0 direction. We believe we can lead the market especially with joining force with leaders of Property Management industry.


Smart IoT & Automation

“Make good use of technologies”, this is our philosophy. We develop Smart IoT & Automation solution not because it is a trend of doing so, but the convenience it can bring to our lives. We would never know how great a smart phone can be if it was not invented. Same to Smart IoT, we believe it is an invention that can change human’s life.  The technology and the infrastructure are at mature stage which we know, it is right time to bring this solution to residents in our platform.



This is what the whole platform meant to be. It is our goal, to create an app that plays as a companion to each individual, which they feel the app understands their lifestyle more than they do. It covers from daily needs of Fresh Produce, Festive products, Household products, Renovation, Door-to-door services, etc.  We are also building AI to retrieve news or red alert for our users so that they can get first-hand news of their living area..


Almost everyone in this society lives in a community. It is our human nature to not living alone.  Living in a community makes us become more powerful, thus we call it Power of Community.  Since myliving.mylife is built for community, we gather demands, group buys, news, alerts, cares, interests, activities and share them within a community, so they can enjoy more benefits and advantages being to act in a group. Impacting lives of a community with technologies, we call it Smart Community..

software outsourcing

Software Development outsourcing

Thrive in software development industry for many years, we have built proper software development methodology to ensure we can deliver targeted products on given timeline. We are not simply a software development house that build software product based on your requirements, we study, analyze, advise on even better way of designing a solution based on your desired end result. The reason our clients like to seek for our expertise is because, eBOSS, always has solution.   


Technologies we able to provide:

-          Platform

-          Mobile App

-          Windows application

-          Blockchain solution

-          Smart IoT

-          eCommerce

-          FinTech

-          Proptech

-          VR


 If you need other innovative technologies, just raise to us

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