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Launching our myliving.mylife new logo

- Mar, 2020

It is time, for us, to grow. With the overwhelming support from our customers, we think it is time for us to go next level. We are delightful and proud to bring you the new face, new outlook, new brand, new logo and new app. Our new name "myliving.mylife" is bringing you even more exciting features that will raise everyone's lifestyle. This is our commitment to you.

Here we would like to present to you our new logo - myliving.mylife:

The M represents me, my, our The M in heart shape represents life, and a heart inside a house, it means myliving.mylife The line extends from a heart to house, represents the heart flows to bigger unity, which is the community The open loop of the line, it means future. We not closing the loop, it is for a bigger future to serve the society

Let us continue to serve you better and give you a safety and harmony community.

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